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What is Spoken Tutorial?

Spoken Tutorial is a multi-award-winning educational content portal.  Here one can learn various Free and Open-Source Software all by oneself.  Our self-paced, multi-lingual courses ensure that anybody with a computer and a desire for learning, can learn from any place, at any time and in a language of their choice. 

 Courses are simple and easy to follow even for a beginner, but they also meet the growing needs of the learner.  Our engaging digital content ensures that learning happens at all levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Many of the software taught, are used in various disciplines of Engineering, pure Sciences and several other Under-Grad and Post-Grad studies, and can be extended to Commerce, Arts and Management streams as well.  These can also be used by Teachers to prepare lesson plans, explain abstract concepts and give digital assignments to students.

End-of-Course online tests and certificates are available for those who wish to test their expertise in a particular software.  These certificates give an edge to students during placement by increasing their employability potential.

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  • To empower the students with new software skills besides regular academic curriculum.
  • To expose the students to market driven learning ecosystems.
  • To make students acquainted with the sate of the art technologies.
  • To prepare students ready for global competitions.
  • To expose students to the best available e-learning platforms.
  • To prepare students to acquire additional credits along with regular curriculum as per the need of NEP 2020.

The Context:

In the present scenario, acquiring additional skills or having knowledge of state-of-the art technology is the essential part of learning for everyone. The number of online learning opportunities, including learning management systems and massively open online courses, has increased dramatically over time. As per the need of new education policy (NEP), online courses should replace some traditional physical courses in near future and allow students to learn from Internationally recognized online platform.

Most of the students of the institute are from nearby rural areas where they may not have facilities and resources for acquiring computing skills with reference to their subject interest without language barrier as these courses are available in many Indian languages. It is the utmost responsibility of a higher educational institution to provide such facilities for the overall development of the students. Anyone who shows interest in the subject, regardless of age, location, or other considerations, can benefit from these courses and modules because they are not targeted at any specific audience.

The Practice:

Believing the importance of ICT, the institute has started providing learning facilities, in the form of Spoken Tutorial of IIT Mumbai, to the students to acquire software knowledge which is available online.

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the “Talk to a Teacher” project of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, launched by Ministry of Education (previously MHRD), Govt of India where one can find a variety of tutorials on various Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) in several Indian regional languages. ST is a 10-minute-long audio-video tutorial created using the screencast methodology where the face of the person creating the video is not captured, rather the students are shown the lesson to learn. The spoken part of ST is dubbed into all Indian languages and one can use ST to learn a topic, called a tutorial. This distinguishes ST from rest of the other video tutorials available online.  It can be used in offline mode as well and hence is useful to those who do not have access to Internet.

The institute has incorporated this activity in the college timetable from the academic session 2017 and made it mandatory for the students of second year B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. The ICT Center of the college is having all the facilities required for online courses. The faculty members of the institute have been entrusted the responsibility of each batch comprising of maximum 20 students so that each learner is given attention and their query may be quickly resolved. The faculty member selects the required FOSS from the vast courses available on Spoken Tutorial portal and encourages students of allotted batches to join the course. Concerned faculty enrolls the students to the portal. This begins the journey of online learning for the newly enrolled students. The students have to attend the sessions/modules of Spoken Tutorial classes as per the time-table slot mentioned in the master time-table of the institute. ICT center helps in overcoming technical difficulties in accessing the course. Attendance of the student is also maintained at the ICT center by the concerned faculty. Slow learners are also encouraged to access the recordings in off lectures. At the end of the semester the online test is conducted in the ICT center by IIT Mumbai and additional certificate is awarded to the successful students besides their participation certificate. Students enroll for the other course in the next semester and follow the same procedure. Thus, during one academic session students get the exposure to learn two courses.

  • Evidence of Success:

After its implementation in academic session 2017-2018, till now 2458 students have been benefited through 89 training modules. The learner, after completing the training received a participation certificate from IIT Mumbai. The students qualified in the online test received additional completion certificates. All these certificates are available on spoken tutorial portal. The training has enabled the students to understand the subject practically through simulations. Students have gained skills to implement it. The training related to skill enhancement was helpful for the students to design some modules based on sensors and processing units.

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