Competitive Exam Cell

About the Cell

To provides the students with the latest information on career opportunities, the college has constituted a competitive examination cell. Our aim is to motivate the students for all types of Competitive/entrance exams such as IIT-JAM, TIFR, IISER, CSIR/NET/SET, GRE, Civil services (UPSC, MPSC), etc. The cell has been conducting regular classes for the students interested in appearing for such exams in the campus. The cell also invites prominent speakers from various fields to interact with the students and guide them.


1. To provide the guidance in various competitive/ entrance examinations such as IIT-JAM, TIFR, IISER, CSIR/NET/SET, GRE, Civil services (UPSC, MPSC), etc.

2. To make students proficient to attend competitive/ entrance examinations.

3. To conduct periodic awareness programmes for the aspiring students.

4. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

5. To conduct mock examinations and interviews for aspiring students

Competitive Examination Cell (Convenor & members)

1. Shri. M. D. Bansinge -Convenor

2. Shri. R. K. Thombre – Member from department of Languages

3. Shri. R. T. Katre – Member from department of Mathematics

4. Dr. V. J. Sharma – Member from department of Zoology

5. Shri. N. A. Barwat – Member from department of Chemistry

6. Dr. G. V. Lakhotiya – Member from department of Physics

7. Dr. P.A. Saudagar – Member from department of Languages

8. Shri. M. G. Ingle – Member from department of Microbiology

9. Dr. A. A. Maheshwari – Member from department of Botany

10. Shri. S. A. Durge – Member from department of Computer Science

11. Dr. K. A. Kale – Member from department of Biotechnology

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