About The Facility

  • SAIF (Formerly Central Instrumentation Center), at Bajaj College of Science, Wardha has been established in the year 2017 with the aim of providing a central facility of latest and advanced analytical techniques for research in various areas of science and technology. It houses several sophisticated and modern analytical equipment offering its users, a wide range of analytical methods/techniques for analysis/testing/characterization enabling them to keep pace with developments taking place globally, publish their research findings in peer reviewed journals and through their concerted efforts contribute to the upliftment of the society at large. This facility can be used by undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students and faculty members. The facility is also extended to external organizations, mainly academic institutions in the nearby region, on a chargeable basis. This facility can also be used for organizing short term courses/ workshops on the use and application of various advanced instruments and analytical techniques.

        Objectives of the Facility

      • Providing access to advanced research equipment and instrumentation
      • Supporting interdisciplinary research collaborations
      • Offering training and technical assistance to researchers and students
      • Promoting innovation and discovery in various fields of study
      • Enhancing the quality of research output of the institute
      • Fostering partnerships with industry and other research institutions
      • Social academic outreach

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