About the Department

Highlights of the Department

Courses/Programmes Offered:

Programme Objective: There are two main objectives to the B.Sc. Electronics Programme. a) To produce electronic professionals who can be directly employed or start his/her own work as Electronic circuit designer, Electronics consultant, Testing professional, and even an entrepreneur in electronic industry. b) To train students to a level where they can readily compete for seats for advanced degree courses like M.Sc. (Electronics).  

On completion of the B.Sc. (Electronics) Programme, the student will:  a) Have sound knowledge of the theory behind core subjects like, Electronic components, Electronic measuring and testing instruments, Analog and Digital IC’s, Electronic circuit design and implementation, Troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic and electrical devices. b) Have sound skills in assembly Language and High Level Language programming, interfacing of electronic devices with computers, etc. c) Be in a position to develop industrial and entrepreneur applications.

B.Sc. (Six Semester)

Faculty Profile

Name Dr. V.V. Shinde Dr. V.M. Ghodki Dr. P.A. Saudagar
Designation Associate Prof. & Head Professor Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc., PGDCS, Ph.D. M.Sc., PGDCS, Ph.D. M.Sc., PGDCS, M.C.A, NET,  Ph.D.
Experience 36 yrs 34 yrs. 09 yrs

Supporting Staff

Name Shri. S.R. Nagrale Shri. P.B. Bhute
Designation Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Attendant
Qualification HSC HSC
Experience 03 yrs 32 yrs


Research Guidance Dr. V.V. Shinde Dr. V.M. Ghodki
Research Projects
Papers in Journals VVS-12, VMG-23, PAS-7
Books Published etc. VVS-1, VMG-19, PAS-1


i) Laboratories-UG Lab, PG Lab, Research Lab, Instrumentation Room, etc. Yes
ii) ICT Printers, Computers, Headphones, and Web cameras.
iii) Departmental Library Yes
iv) Sophisticated Major   Instruments/Major laboratory equipment Yes


  • Guest lecture on 8085 microprocessor by Dr. Shridevi – 11/10/2021.
  • Guest lecture on stress management by Mr. Aglekar – 18/12/2021.
  • Guest lecture on how to prepare for the competitive examination by Mr. Atish Rangari – 14/03/2022.
  • Guest lecture on cyber security by Police Inspector Mr. Mahesh Ingale on 13/08/2022.

Academic/Recent Achievements of the students

Sharvari Ramteke – NET Qualify
Sports:- Vedant Ghodmare – He has participated in an international handball tournament in Sweden.He has represented the university handball team for the west zone inter-university tournament at Udaipur and the team secured 3rd  place.
Placement:- Miss. Ritika Bamnote has been selected for TCS as a traineeMr. Mahesh Kumbhare has been selected for WIPRO as a Scholar trainee.

Event Gallery

Cyber Security event photograph:

Sharvari Ramteke – NET certificate

Sports:- Vedant Ghodmare certificates.