Code of Conduct Committee

About the Cell

The reputation of the institute not only depends on the academic performance but also on behaviour of the students. The college has constituted Discipline & Code of Conduct Committee to establish a calm, orderly and safe environment for learning. We have formulated the code of conduct i.e., the set of rules & responsibilities for the students. This set of rules will help students to develop self-control, set of discipline & overall development by creating effective teaching-learning atmosphere.


1. To maintain and impose strict discipline within the college campus.

2. To develop norms to normalize the behaviour of students.

3. To maintain the activities of college joint venture regarding disciplinary act.

4. To encourage Good and Healthy Professional Practices.

5. To develop unity and integrity among students.

Discipline & Code of Conduct Committee (Convenor & members)

1. Shri. M. D. Bansinge -Convenor

2. Shri. R. K. Thombre – Member from teaching faculty

3. Shri. R. T. Katre – Member from teaching faculty

4. Dr. S.R. Tiple– Member from teaching faculty

5. Dr. M. M. Yerpude– Member from teaching faculty

6. Dr. M. A. Haque- Member from teaching faculty

Code Of Conduct pdf

Minutes of Meetings (Archives) –Click Here

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