Cultural Committee

About the Committee

Extracurricular activities lead to holistic development of an individual. The cultural committee strives to celebrate the cultural diversity by organizing various competitions, events, activities, and programs every year. Committee also takes care of the commemorative days celebrations throughout the year.

Activities such as drama, art, music, dance, and debate help develop the mind and character. For the overall development of personality, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development are of great importance. While performing specific art forms from other states and regions the students learn to respect the large cultural diversity that India has, and the programs showcase the harmonious relations amongst students. At Bajaj College of Science (BCS), students are given ample opportunities to show their skills in various forms of performing arts and other areas. These activities mainly improve various soft skills by nurturing their talent and provide a proper platform to participate in the activities of their interest. Some of these events are coordinated and organized by students themselves through various clubs/societies under the guidance of the faculty members. Students have exhibited their talent and have brought laurels in several events at university level, state level and national level.


  • To provide platform to students to showcase their talents and interests in singing, dancing, drama, music, painting, literature, etc.
  • To foster creativity, enhance skills and facilitate all-round personality development of students.
  • To encourage active participation of students to diminish stage fearing among the students and motivate them to open up with confidence.
  • To plan & coordinate activities such as Cultural events that will provide opportunity for students to improve their ability to apply knowledge & creativity; invoke multidisciplinary approach; to express/communicate effectively.
  • To make students understand professional & ethical responsibility; contemporary issues; to analyse social, political, educational & cultural structure & heritage.
  • To inculcate values among the students like respect for others individuality, innovation, diversity of community; democratic values and the search for wisdom and understanding.

Main Activities

Singing, Dancing, Music, Drama, Fine arts, Poster making, Collage, Rangoli, Mehndi, Photography, literary events like debate and quiz etc.

Committee Members

Dr. U.A. Malode (Department of Biotechnology) (Convenor)

Dr. G.V. Lakhotiya (Department of Physics)

Dr. M.A. Haque (Department of Chemistry)

Dr. A.A. Maheshwari (Department of Botany)

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