A Green Campus is a place where environment friendly practices and education, combine for promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the campus. The green campus concept offers the opportunity to take the lead in amending its environmental culture and developing new exemplars by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social, and monetary needs of the mankind.


  • The Institute strives to develop a self – sustainable campus in the areas of power, water, and cleanliness.
  • The faculty, staff and students contribute collectively to develop an eco-friendly sustainable campus and publicize the concept of eco – friendly culture to the community.
  • Spread Awareness about environmental issues among students and employees including climate change.
  • Conservation of Nature and Natural resources in the surrounding area and educating how to live sustainably.
  • Bring awareness among the students about the hazards spoiling the environment. 
  • Help the students understand everyone’s responsibility to take an initiative to save the environment. 
  • Help students take small steps in saving the environment.