About the Department

The department aims at providing the students with a comprehensive foundation in basic and applied aspects of Animal Science enhancing their employment potential, and embarking on meaningful research. Since the inception of the college, in the year 1962, the Department of Zoology has been established as a leading centre for higher education in animal sciences. The Department was the first recognized Department in the District of Wardha. The department is equipped with a basic instrumentation facility, which has recently been upgraded with a number of modern Analytical instruments by prestigious grants fetch by the college (Centre Potential for Excellence from the University Grant Commission and Star College status from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India). At present, the department is running 3 years of UG (B.Sc. course), and 2 years of PG course. The Department of Zoology has been holding various workshops, conferences, and Seminars of leading scientists to provide a platform for scientific insights and update the latest frontier of research to students. To further strengthen teaching and research separate laboratories with state of art teaching-learning facility is available. Department has an up-to-date departmental library with the latest editions of books, internet facilities for students and a well-established museum of local fauna with a unique collection.

Highlights of the Department

  • Well-equipped UG and PG laboratories with more than 50 experimental setups.
  • Models and specimens for a better understanding of the animal World.
  • Well-arranged museum with representatives of all phylum.
  • Activities like guest lectures, educational tour to research institutes, workshops on animal cell culture, molecular biology and apiculture.
  • Model competition.
  • Seminar competition

Courses / Programmes Offered


Three year B.Sc. Course


Two year M.Sc. Course

Specialization: Animal Physiology

Certificate Course

Certificate course in Vermicompost Technology

Faculty Profile

Name Qualification Designation Specialization Area of Research Faculty Profile  
Regular faculties  
Dr. M.R. Chandrakar M.Sc , Ph.D., SET Associate Professor and Head Animal Physiology Molecular Biology Click here
Dr. A. D. Theng M.Sc, Ph.D., CSIR-UGC NET Assistant Professor Molecular Biology Free radical Biology and ageing Click here
Mr. V. P. Khandwekar M.Sc. CSIR-UGC NET Assistant Professor Entomology Entomology and biomaterials Click here
Dr. V. J. Sharma M.Sc, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Fresh water Zoology Toxicology, Solid waste management, vermicomposting   Click here
Dr. Saikat Biswas M.Sc., Ph.D., CSIR-NET JRF Assistant Professor Molecular Biology Neurobiology Neuroendocrinology Click here
Contractual faculties  
Ms. Suchita Tingusale M.Sc., SET Assistant Professor Animal Physiology Animal Physiology Click here
Ms. T.R. Bhute M.Sc. Assistant Professor Animal Physiology Animal Physiology Click here

Supporting Staff

Name Designation
Mr. S. H. Yende Lab Assistant
Mr. P. S. Sable Lab Attendant
Mrs. N. N. Jugnake Lab Attendant

Highlights of Syllabus under academic Autonomy

  • The Syllabus is framed to ensure that undergraduate students with Zoology as one of their subjects can avail of higher studies in Zoology or any other allied fields of Biology. The postgraduate students learning Zoology will have the academic standard in theory and practical for applying in research or in industry.
  • Modifications are done in UG Syllabus where repetition of topics is avoided and more practical-based concepts are included.
  • The syllabus ranges from traditional Zoology like classification and systematics to more modern Zoology like molecular biology and cell culture.
  • The postgraduate syllabus is revised keeping in mind competitive exams like CSIR-UGC NET and SET.
  • Multidisciplinary subjects like Biochemistry is included in the postgraduate syllabus which gives the students a wider scope in research and in academics.
  • More practical based topics are included in the postgraduate giving students more hands on approach to learn the subject.


List of approved Research Supervisors / Guide

Sr. No. Name
1 Dr. M.R. Chandrakar

List of ongoing projects

Sr. No. Name of Project Funding Agency Name of Investigators Amount Sanctioned
1 Investigations on Larvacidal activities of different green synthesized nanoparticles on various genus of mosquitos found in Wardha region RGSTC, Mahrashtra Mr. V.P. Khandwekar (Investigator)   Dr. S. P. Biswas (Co-Investigator) Rs. 2,00,000/-

List of completed projects

Sr. No. Name of Project Funding Agency Name of Investigators Amount Sanctioned
1 Effect of waves generated by mobile phones on development of chick embryo UGC 42-510/2013 (SR) Dr. M.R. Chandrakar Rs. 11,78,400

Research articles

Papers published in National/International Journals (Last 5 years)

Sr. No. Authors Paper Title and Journal information Year  
Dr. M. R. Chandrakar
1 Chandrakar M. R..Kalwade P. S., Pachlore G. S. Biodiversity of Moths in Hinganghat Taluka, Wardha, Maharashtra (India). Advances in Zoology and Botany, 10(1), 18 – 24. DOI: 10.13189/azb.2022.100103. 2022
2 Mamata Chandrakar The effect of exposure of EMF radiations from cell phones on percentage of Glucose, Cholesterol and Protein in developing chick embryos Applied ecology and environmental sciences,2020, vol.8, No. 6, 422-427. 2020  
Dr. A.D. Theng
3 Amol D. Theng A Correlational study of cranio-vertebral angle with smart phone uses time in progression of forward head syndrome among post graduate students. Int.Res.J. of Science and Engineering, 2019, vol 7, issue 3 47-50 2019  
Dr. S.P. Biswas
4 Jadhao, A.G., Biswas, S.P., Bhoyar, R.C., Pinellie, C The distribution of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotidephosphate-diaphorase(NADPH-d) in the medulla oblongata, spinal cord, cranial and spinal nerves of frog, Microhyla ornata.  J. Chemical Neuroanatomy 2017, 81:76-86 2017
5 Bhoyar, R.C., Jadhao, A.G., Sivasubbu, S., Singh, A.R., Sabharwal, A., Palande, N.V., Biswas, S Neuroanatomical demonstration of calbindin 2a-and calbindin 2b-like calcium binding proteins in the early embryonic development of zebrafish: mRNA study. J. Dev Neurosci. 60: 26-33. 2017  

Papers published in conference (Last 5 years):

Sr.No Title of Invited Talk /Paper Presented Title of Conference / Seminar/Year Event Organized by International/ National /State/ regional/ college or university level  
  Dr. A. D. Theng
1 Screening and exploration of microbe based attractant for mosquito : One step toward novel mosquito control method 2nd virtual annual international conference on naturopathy, nanotechnolog, neutraceuticals and immunotherapy in cancer research ICN3IC 21, 11-12 JUNE 2021 Jointly organized by School of life sciences,BSACIST,Purdue University USA International  
2 Evaluating the potential of hen egg albumin for supporting the survival of human lymphocytes in primary cell culture.   National conference on basics in advances in biological sciences 8-9 Apr, 2022 DRB Sindhu mahavidyalayat Nagpur National  
  Mr. V. P. Khandwekar
3 Biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqeous plant extracts of Azadirachta indica, Laurus nobilis and Melaleuca alternifolia for targeting oppertunistic microbs National conference on basics in advances in biological sciences 8-9 Apr, 2022 DRB Sindhu mahavidyalayat Nagpur National  
  Dr. M.R. Chandrakar
4 Effect of allethrin based mosquito repellent inhalation on haematological parameters of commonmale Indian Field Rat, Rattus rattus Second international web conference on Advanced material science and nanotechnology 23-25 November, 2021 Pravin Khodke memorial trust Amravati’sVinayak Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya, Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Amravati   International (Within country)  
5 Comparative Study Of Body Mass Index among male and female student groups  International web conference on Advanced material science and nanotechnology,  (NANOMAT-2020) 20-21, June 2020 VinayakVidnyanMahavidyalaya, NandgaonKhandeshwar, Dist. Amravati. International (Within country)  
6 A survey to understand the impact of home schooling on children’s due to lockdown and role of women as a bridge between school and schooling; International journal of science technology and management One day international E- conference Queens of ERA – 2021    23 March, 2021 G.S.Tompe Arts, Commerceand Science College, Chandur Bazar, Dist. Amravati International (Within country)  
7 Constraints analysis of Kadaknath Meat preference over other poultry birds meat in the district of Amravati using Garret Ranking Method.   National multidisciplinary e- conference on research in science & technology for sustainable development   23 March 2021 Rajashri Sahu Science College, Chandur Railway Dist.- Amravati National


Departmental Library        Session No. of Books /Journals
2021-22 445
Internet facilities for Staff & Students  3  desktop with internet facility Central Library with ICT facility
Laboratories and Staff room (with dimensions) UG Lab –                   54’ x 27.3’ 
Lab No. 1 PG –          21.6 ‘x 27.6′
Lab No. 2 PG-            21.6’ X 32’ Research Lab-           21.6’x 22.6’ Museum  –                 27’ X 21.6’
ATC Storage-             21.6’x10’ Media Preparation-               18’x12’
ATC  Laboratory –      21.6’ X 22.00’
Staff Room-                27’ X 21.6’

Undergraduate Laboratory

Post-graduate Laboratory                                          Research Laboratory

Departmental Library

Sophisticated Instruments / Major Laboratory Equipment

Sr. No. Name of Equipments Make Qty.
1 Water Bath Tempo 1
2 Single dsitillation unit Bhanu 1
3 Incubator Tempo 1
4 Hot air oven with digital controller Tempo 1
5 Digital Colorimeter Systronics 1
6 Deep freezer Remi 1
7 Cooling Centrifuge with voltage stabiliser & Angle head Remi 1
8 Water & Soil analysis kit Naina 1
9 Trinocular Research Microscope with digital camera Olympus
Canon G11 camera
10 Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit Genei 1
11 Mini Submarine Gel Electrophoresis Unit Genei 1
12 Variable Type power pack Genei 1
13 Pipette Variable Volume – 2 ( 0.5-10 ul) Bioera 1
14 Pipette Variable Volume – 4( 20-200 ul) Bioera 1
15 Pipette Variable Volume – 3 ( 5-50 ul) Bioera 1
16 Autoclave Tempo 1
17 Analytical Balance LCGC RADWAG 1
18 U. V. Visible Spectrophotometer Schimatzu 1
19 Microscope Magnus 2
20 Horizantal electrophoresis Genei 1
21 Vortex Genei 1
22 Microwave Oven Koryo 1
23 Gel rocker Genei 1
24 Magnus image Projection system Magnus 1
25 Magnus inverted microscope Magnus 1
26 Microfilt Biosafety Cabinet class II Type A2 Microfilt 1
27 CO2 Incubator Water jacketed series (With Voltage stabilizer and CO2 regulator) Cintex 1
28 Medimeas Cryostat Microtome with Voltage stabiliser Medimeas 1
29 Refrigerator Samsung 1
30 UPS APC 1
31 Variable Volume Micropipette
(0.5 – 10 ul)
32 Variable Volume Micropipette
(20 – 100 ul)
33 Variable Volume Micropipette
(40 – 200 ul)
34 Micropipette ( 200 – 1000 ul) GENEI 1
35 Stereo Zoom Research Microscope with adapter Carl zeiss 1
36 Inclined Monocular Microscope
(Model No. MLX-M)
Magnus 4
37 Burette metal stand with clamp LLS 10
38 Air Curtain 3′ x 7 with sensor Russ. 1
39 Variaspenser 0.25 – 2.5ml Tarson 2
40 Variaspenser 0.5- 5ml Tarson 2
41 Variaspenser 1-10 ml Tarson 2
42 Variaspenser 2.5 – 25 ml Tarson 2
43 Variaspenser 5-50 ml Tarson 2
44 Binocular Microscope LED
Model : Vision 2000
Labomed 5
45 Homoenizer Remi 1

Advance Rotary Microtome
(Latest “Spencer” 820-Type)

Disposable blade holder for low profile/high profile blades

Disposable blade for low profile/high profile blades (pack of 50)

Automatic knife sharpner (spencer type)

Knife Sharpner abrasive (two bottles of 200 ml)





1 pack of 2
47 UV Face Shield (imported)   1
48 UV Trans-illuminator
Regular, Viewing Area of 20 x 14 cm
49 Contech Digital Balance ( Model No. CAS-234 without motorized internal calibration Contech 1
50 Magnetic Strirrer cum Hot plate ( Cat-6030, Size 18×18 cm, Capacity 5Ltr Tarson 1
51 Microscopes (Molocular Laboratory Microscope Model HB) Magnus 10
52 Digital Micro Pipette, Increment                                                              0.2 µl : 20-200 ul Genaxy                                                 (GENSLEEK – 200) 10
53 Digital Micro Pipette, Increment                                                                 1 µl : 100-1000 ul Genaxy                                                           (GENSLEEK – 1000) 2
54 Magnus Mono Microscope
(Model no. HM 100)
Magnus 7
55 Digital Portable Muscle Stimulator Biotech 1
56 Soxhlet Extraction Unit B.K. Instrument Co. 1

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer                      Vortexer                           Dissecting Microscope

                    pH meter                                     Water bath                                     Microtome

              Homogenizer                               Centrifuge                              Soxhlet Apparatus


  • Organized a study tour to NEERI, Nagpur on 28.2.2018.
  • Organized guest lecture and workshop under the banner of Edu- Bridge in association with NCCS Pune by Dr. Abhitabha Mujumdar (Scientist D) on 21.12. 2018.
  • Organized State-level Biogenius Competition in association with Alumni Association Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati on 13.12.2020.
  • On 28.2.2020 organized quiz competition, model exhibition and bird feeder distribution.
  • Organized Online workshops and Lectures for UG and PG students. Two lectures by Dr. Jayant Biswas and Dr. R.P. Chondekar and Three days of an online workshop conducted by CUBE, HBCSE, Mumbai (08.06.21 to 16.06.21)
  • Organized an online lecture on Next Generation Sequencing by Dr. Rahul Bhoyar (28.09.2021)
  • Organized a guest lecture in association with Department of Botany on ‘All about owls’ by Dr.Jayant Wadatkar to celebrate Wildlife week (04.10.2021)
  • Organized a guest lecture on ‘Introduction to forensic biology’ by Dr.Archana Mahakalkar to inaugurate the Zoological Society of the Department. (12.02.2021)
  • Organized Scientific Model, Rangoli and Poster Competition to Celebrate the National Science Day (28.02.2022)
  • Organized State-level Biogenius Competition in association with Alumni Association Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati on 28.03.2022
  • Organized an Elocution Competition on the occasion of International Tiger Day on 29.07.2022
  • Organized a guest lecture of Dr. Kanchan Phatak in association with Bajaj Science Education Center on 11.09.2022
  • Celebrated the Wildlife week by organizing a postcard painting competition and a guest lecture of RFO Rupesh Khedkar on 4.10.2022

Photo Gallery

Link for Photo Gallery : Click here

Academic Achievements of Students

Sr. No. Name of the student Competitive/Entrance Exam
1 Ms. Rewati Lonkar SET 2021
2 Ms. Prajakta Rajesh Chalurkar SET 2022
3 Mr. Tejas Diliprao Tajane SET 2022
4 Ms. Pranita Diliprao Ashtankar RTMNU PET
5 Ms. Kaumudini Bhimrao Ambade Gondwana University PET 2022
6 Mr. Prafull Kalwade NET 2022

Student Placements

Sr. No. Name of students placed Name of the employer Pay package at appointment
1 Ms. Prajkta P. Bhutey Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur NA
2 Ms. Pallavi D. Ughade Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur NA
3 Ms. Vedika D. Fatinge Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur NA
4 Ms. Aishwarya Mhaiskar Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur 3.0 Lakh
5 Ms. Suhas Dandekar Xeam Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 3.24 Lakh
6 Ms. Ashlesh Katpatwar NEERI, Nagpur 3.0 Lakh
7 Ms. Afsana Saudagar Dept. of Paediatrics, MGIMS, Sewagram 3.72 Lakh
8 Ms. Revati Lonkar Shiksha Mandal’s Bajaj College of Science, Wardha 1.65 Lakh
9 Ms. Trupti Bhute Shiksha Mandal’s Bajaj College of Science, Wardha 1.65 Lakh
10 Mr. Sanket Bhoyar Uttam Value Steel Limited, Wardha 1.85 lakh
11 Mr. Snehal Dhone Jennifer, Project Manager, TCS, Nagpur 3.5 Lakh
12 Ms. Sayali N. Jagtap Pyramid IIT-JEE Medical Foundation Nagpur.
Bhande plot square, Umred road, Nagpur.
2.4 Lakh
13 Ms. Pratiksha Getme Ishved Biotech Pvt Ltd. (Tissue culture laboratory)
Aurangabad-Nagpur Highway,
Sindkhedraja, Buldhana-443001
1.2 Lakh
14 Ms. Nikita Khare Dr. Suvarna Patil, HoD, Taywade College, Mahadula- Koradi (Nagpur) 0.96 Lakh
15 Mr. Anup Mate New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Wardha 0.96 Lakh
16 Ms. Hemlata Wanjari Excellence Academy, Karanja Ghadge, Dist. Wardha – 442001 0.96 Lakh
17 Ms. Laxmi Gharpure Punjab National Bank, Wardha 2.76 Lakh
18 Mr. Praful Kalwade Vidya Vikas Arts, Commerce and Science College, Samudrapur 1.2 lakh
19 Ms. Kalyani Sahare Swami Vivekanand College, Amgaon 0.84 Lakh
20 Ms. Prajakta Charulkar Mount Carmel Convent School, Samudrapur 1.8 lakh
21 Miss. Snehal Mogarkar Aditi Healthcare Management, Mumbai 2.00 Lakh
22 Miss. Vaishnavi Chauhan Oasis Fertility, Secunderabad, Hyderabad 3.80 Lakh
23 Ms. Ashwini Nasare Bajaj Science Centre, Wardha 1 lakh
24 Mr. Snehal Dhone Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur 3.5 lakh
25 Ms. Vishuddha Alone School Teacher 1 lakh
26 Mr. Tejas Tajne MGIMS, Sewagram 3.6 lakh
27 Ms Shivani Ramesh Bhomle Shiksha Mandal’s Bajaj College of Science, Wardha 1 lakh


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