Plastic pollution has become one of the biggest environmental concerns today. The short-term benefits and convenience of plastic and plastic goods have led to a boom in the production and consumption of plastic. Excess consumption of plastic has surpassed management of plastic waste and led to become a scourge to the planet. Plastic is a menace that impacts the environment as well as our health. This policy is an initiative to work to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution. The policy takes institutional efforts to actively contribute to the effort of banning the use of single use plastics.

Ban of Single Use Plastic

Bajaj College of Science, Wardha, bans single use plastic in the campus. All the members of the Institute must strictly follow Plastic Ban Policy. By conducting campaigns and awareness programmes let us join hands to frame a cleaner and greener environment bereft from harmful plastics. The policy mandates all stakeholders to adopt the following:

  • Ban on use of single-use plastics in institute premises, hostel, and canteen.
  • Organise workshops inside and outside the campus to create awareness on the harmful impacts of plastic.
  • Strictly avoid bringing non-biodegradable items inside the campus.
  • Use of alternative sources like switching over to cloth bags and providing drinking water facility to avoid plastic water bottles inside the campus.
  • Waste generated should be segregated at the source and the segregated wastes should be sent to authorized waste processing centres or disposal facilities.

All events organised inside the campus should strictly follow plastic ban guidelines.