About the Department:

The Mathematics department was established in the year 1962, offering Mathematics at UG (B.Sc.) level.  M. Sc. Mathematics was started from 2020-21. The department has an intake of 120 students at B.Sc. and 22 students at M.Sc. Students are imparted Mathematical education founded on value based academic principles where in all involved contribute effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. The faculties take keen interest and efforts for the overall development of students through academic and co-curricular activities.

Courses offered:

        (1)   B.Sc.

Mathematics is the compulsory subject for all students of the Mathematics group with program options PCM, PEM, PCsM, and ECsM

Total intake capacity is 120 students.

         (2)  M.Sc.  (Mathematics)

                     Total intake capacity is 22 students.

Best practices/Highlights of the Department:

  • Sincere efforts for mathematical and overall development of students.
  • Good results in spite of High student – teacher ratio.
  • Improving interest, understanding, logical thinking and skills in mathematics.
  • Engagement of classes of faculty of maths and other departments who are on leave.
  • Incorporation of applied topics in syllabus by BOS, BCS (Autonomous)


  • Workshop on Academic and Career opportunities for B.Sc. Maths students: organised.
  • A Talk / interaction by Padma Shree Dr. T Padmanabhan to celebrate Centenary of General Theory of Relativity: 14.07.2015
  • Mathematics seminars for students in Scintillation 2015
  • AMTI Chennai team interaction: 16.04.2015
  • Preparation for autonomy. BOS, syllabus revision etc 2017-18
  • Mathematics seminars for students in Scintillation 2017
  • Mathematics seminars for students in Scintillation 2019
  • Initiative to start M.Sc. Mathematics 2019
  • National Mathematics Day celebration.
  • Guest lecture on by Prof. Sanjay Sarwe, S.F.S. College, Nagpur
  • Guest lecture by Prof. Rishi Agrawal, Hislop College, Nagpur
  • Guest lecture on by Prof. G.L.Waghmare, Institute of Science, Nagpur

Teaching Staff:


  • Designation:     Associate Professor and Head
  • Qualification:  M.Sc., M.Phil. D.C.S., Ph.D.
  • Experience:      30 Years
  • Highlights/Credentials: 
    • Ph.D. thesis “A study on Spherical Gravitational Collapse and Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis” was selected for presentation at Saha Instt. of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, for the ‘G.N. Naralikar Best Thesis Award’.
    • 16 Papers in international journals
    • Major Research Project in Mathematics completed
    • Member RTMNU  BOS in Mathematics
    • Member Governing body, CDC, Academic council, BOS (autonomy)



  • Designation:     Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:  M.Sc., B.Ed., SET(Maths)
  • Experience:      19 Years
  • Highlights/Credentials:
    • Third Merit in M.Sc. from Nagpur University
    • Nine books published
    • Member of Academic Council, BOS (autonomy)



  • Designation:     Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:  M.Sc. SET(Maths),GATE
  • Experience:      2 Years



  • Designation:     Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:  M.Sc.(Maths)
  • Experience:      1 Year

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