The college was established in the year 1962. Likewise, the library of the college came into existence in the same year. Initially it was housed in a very small room. Presently, the library is housed in 1102.624 area where in there is a separate reading room, reference section, issue counter, stack rooms and bound volume room with the reading room which can accommodate more than 150 readers. There is a separate section of reading room for faculties.

For smooth working of the library, we have Library Committee of following members:

  1. Dr.Om Mahodaya (Principal)  Chairman
  2. Dr. V.M.Ghodki                          Member
  3. Dr. L.P.Dalal                                Member
  4. Dr. S.S. Zade                                Member
  5. Dr. P.V.Tekade                            Member
  6. Dr. Ms. M.R.Chandrakar          Member
  7. Dr. Ms. Ulka Bidwai                   Member           

Working Hours10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (In weekdays), 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. (Saturday)

House Keeping Operations of the Library


Books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme



Terminals are providing in reading room for access of Open Access Public Catalogue (OPAC)


Internet Facility

Library is having Wi-Fi connections with unlimited usage and terminals in the reading room are connected in LAN. By using proxy server the internet is being accessed by the staff and students.


Inflib – Net Facility

Library is a member of INFLIBNET N-List program. Our users are provided with user ID and password to log in. The resources available there in are accessed by our user in library as well as from their department.


Reprography Facility

Library is having Canon photocopying machine. Students, faculty and staff avail the reprography facility at nominal charges.


Audio Video Facility

Through this service, library provides audio and video CD etc. (with audio/video and viewing facilities).


Orientation to Users

 Librarian and library staff guide the users from time to time regarding searching of documents, use of OPAC, internet, and use reference sources, etc.


Computerization of Library

 Library is fully computerized using customized software ‘LibTech’ all transactions are carried out in automated environment. All the books are provided with barcode so as to avoid mistakes in manual feeding. Barcode scanner is available in the library for barcode scanning. Our software is installed in IBM Server and all machines are in LAN. Terminals are provided in reading room for access of OPAC and Internet.


Diverse Collection of Books

Library has a very good collection of books and journals on different subjects. At the end of 2017-18 sessions we have 41470 books, out of which there are 26324 textbooks, 1798 reference books and 13348 are other books.

Some of our pride collection includes-

  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Cambridge Natural History
  • Scientific American Resource Library
  • Encyclopaedia of Natural History & Ecology
  • International Wild Life Encyclopaedia
  • McGraw-Hill Encyclopaedia of Science & Technology
  • Encyclopedia Americana
  • Bharatiya Sanskriti Kosh
  • Marathi Vishwakosh
  • Tropica
  • Botanica
  • Rich collection of Floras


Healthy Practices
  • Working in an automated environment
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Reprography
  • Free Internet access
  • Display of new arrivals
  • Issue of books on deposit basis during exam period
  • Orientation to users
  • CCTV Cameras surveillances in library.
  • Suggestion box




Total Number of Books                                                                               41470

Text Books                                                                                                    26324

Reference Books                                                                                          1798

Other Books                                                                                                  13348

Total Number of Bound Volumes                                                            1595

Total Number of Journals                                                                          26

Total Number of Periodicals                                                                      19

Total Number of News Papers                                                                  13

Total Number of Multimedia Collection                                                 371

Library Area                                                                                                 1102.624

Reading Room Seating Capacity                                                               150

Digital Library Computer                                                                           10

Reprography                                                                                                  01

LED TV                                                                                                           01

Library Server                                                                                               01

Total Library Staff                                                                                        05



Library Staff

Library in-charge (Officiating) & Library Clerk

     Shri. S. S. SAWARKAR


Supporting Staffs

Shri. M.M.Tatte

Shri B.P. Choudhari

Shri B.G.Waghade

Shri. P.D.Hajare


Library Photo Gallery


Reading Room

Book Issue Return Counter

Library Stack Room

Library Journals & Periodical


Library catalog-Click here